E3 EQ-231



■ Frequency response range: 20Hz-20KHz 0.5dB@+4dB, 600Ω
■ Full harmonic distortion: less than 05%, full harmonic distortion, ten noise, 20Hz-20KHz, 600Ω equalizer is in a straight state
■ Beep and noise: average impedance: 600Ω, BPF: 20Hz-20KHz -96dB equalizer curve straight 0dB, input level
■ Equalization control: 31 segments, 1/3 octave” High-pass filter: 12dB/octave 20-200Hz-30dB
■ Peak LED display: Red LED when the post-equalization signal level is 3dB from the peak clipping difference on each channel
Display light
■ Signal LED display: Green LED display when the post-equalization signal is 13dB below the normal level on each channel
■ Power requirements: 220V
■ Power consumption : 25W


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