E3 DSP-2.0



■ 5 mic inputs with independent gain control, microphone channel with total volume control, mute optional type of low cut, 9-segment
Processing modules such as equalization, limiter, phase, and 6-stage feedback suppressor.
■ Echo and Reverb effects with 5-band parametric equalization, limiter, and total volume control. Echo has delay, repeat and phase parameters
Number, Reverb has pre-delay, time, phase, excitation and high-cut parameter adjustment. There is also thickness effect processing.
■ 2-channel stereo music input with automatic and manual switching modes, BGM and DVD with separate input volume system.
■ The music channel has a total volume control, mute, low cut, 5-band parametric equalizer, limiter and other processing module output bus: main
Output left and right, center output, subwoofer output.
■ The main output left and right has a music microphone proportional adjustment 3 segment parametric equalization, left and right delay, compressor and other processing modules.
■ The center output has vocal/music ratio adjustment, independent volume control, parametric equalization, delay, compressor, etc.
■ Subwoofer output with optional low cut, high cut, parametric equalization, independent volume control, AGC automatic gain control,
Microphone music ratio, delay, compressor and other processing modules.
■ 24-bit, Σ-AD/DA conversion, 32-bit DSP chip processing.
■ 2 X16 character LCD screen display, customized light button design, making the user’s operation more convenient and quick.
■ 4 factory presets (KTV1, KTV2, KTV3, KTV4), 16 user presets (U01-U16).
■ With RS232 remote control port, red remote control receiving function.
■ Have the ability to save and recall individual preset files, whole machine data upload and download functions
■ Panel and software operation lock, power-off memory function, making the system more secure
■ PC Chinese and English operation, more user-friendly design.


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