E3 DSP-3.0



■ Professional digital analog preamplifier adopts digital-analog dual reverberation processing, and the vocal effect is more abundant, natural and transparent. is one
High-fidelity smooth, natural sweet-sound double reverb and multi-purpose karaoke effects.
■ With DSP numerical control display, set tone and effect adjustment. Make the effect more delicate and better meet the needs of different hearing. Built-in full
The digital frequency shift function makes the singing more complete. There are front (rear) left and right channels, center channel, and ultra low frequency channels. and
And it is very simple and convenient to use like a karaoke amplifier.
■ High-grade aluminum alloy panel application, 1.5U standard body design is more atmospheric, using card package adjustment to make debugging easier
Easy and concise.
■ The microphone and music are equipped with six-parameter parametric equalization adjustment, the adjustment range is wider, the sound is more delicate and soft, and the sound is not damaged.
Injury the original tone, improve the single-band effect, and effectively deal with the frequency of howling.
■ Ultra-low channel output design with crossover point and adjustable output gain.
■ Ultra-low channel has a perfect anti-low frequency self-excited circuit. When entering the MIC, the low-frequency signal output port is automatically attenuated by half.
Prevent low frequency whistling and damage the device; there is a microphone that does not enter the ultra low channel function.
■ The center channel output design can choose music/reverb ratio or pure vocal dry tone; and can control volume and high school low frequency separately
■ The front panel is equipped with DSP digital control display, which can adjust the tone and reverb to make the sound effect more suitable for different hearing needs.
■ Built-in full digital frequency shifting processor. It can effectively suppress the howling point and make the singing more perfect.


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