E3 DS-260



■ The gain adjustment range of each parameter segment is +15dB to -30dB, the center frequency range is 20HZ-20KHZ, and the Qs range is
0.4 to 128, each channel input has 3 segment parametric equalization, and the output has 5 parametric equalization, equalizer (PEQ)
The bandwidth ranges from 1/36 to 4 octave (Oct), and the parameters can be adjusted over a wide range to optimize the frequency response of the system.
■ Each output channel has a separate limiter, and its startup time, release time and threshold value can be large.
In-range adjustment; the output level meter display is the dynamic margin relative to the threshold value, and the time constant of the level meter will automatically follow
The time constant of the limiter is made to make the indication more accurate.
■ The slope of the variable high-pass filter and low-pass filter can be set to: 6dB, 12dB, 18dB, 24dB or 48dB per octave
Cheng, and the choice of response is: Butterworth, Linkwitz-Rayleigh (Linkwitz-
Riley), Bessel and 12dB multiple variable value slope selection; high pass and low pass filter parameters
With independent adjustment, asymmetrical crossover function can be realized.
■ Input channel matrix control. Flexible and practical input and output channel copy function to adjust the parameters of each channel of the system
It is faster and more convenient.
■ Three voltage sensing type 360° rotary encoders for controlling the parameters of the filter, easy to operate and in line with the average person’s operation
Habit. During the adjustment, the values ​​of the parameters of the filter are displayed synchronously on the display (LCD).
■ The delay of each output can be adjusted independently. The maximum delay is 6.979mS, and the minimum adjustment step is 0.021mS.
■ 20 user memories. USB and RS232 interface, can be connected to an external controller, friendly and intuitive computer interface, to
And multi-level perfect security lock function.
■ The power supply is powered by switching power supply. The range is from AC95-AC250, 50-60Hz, and it is automatically adjusted. It is suitable for a wide range and stable.
Highly identifiable for global voltage use.


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