E3 S-3200

Prince EUR 499.00


3 ways MIC inputs, each way can be independently set 15 bands parameter EQ, with high-pass filtering and low-pass filtering.

MIC input with dynamic compression, excitation function, 4 FBE level (1-4).

Music input can be set 7 bands parameter EQ, high-pass filtering, low-pass filtering, dynamic compression and excitation function.

Main output and rear output with 5 bands parameter EQ, Central Output and Sub Output with 3 bands parameter EQ.

With pitch function , all the output can be set compressor and delay.

Connect with PC by WIFI or USB port for quick and convenient on-line.

With custom screen saver password, can effectively prevented unauthorized change the setting parameters.

Adopt 32 Bit high-performance DSP with wide frequency band and large dynamic range.

With remote control function, with optical fiber, coaxial input port.

Suitable for stages, home theatre, KTV rooms and conference rooms.