E3 DX-20

Prince EUR 2500.00


Name:  Digital mixing station Display size:  7 Resolution: 1024×600 Touch control:  Resistance Resolution:  1024×600 Master CPU:  Samsung 4418 4-core Cortex™-A9 Boot speed:  22 seconds Operating system:  Linux DSP:  ADSP-21489 400Mhz Analog input:  16CH ( 14MIC + 2Line ) Digital input:  S/P DIF, optical fiber Digital output:  AES EBU USB playback:  Play formats APE, FLAC, MP3, WAV USB recording:  Support recording Analog output:  L/R+6BUS+2AUX+Headphone(L/R) Output base noise:  -90dBu unrecorded weight (AP 515 tests AES17-20Khz) Voice playback base noise:  30dBu talk play gain -86.8dBu no record weight (AP test AES17-20Khz) 40dBu Talk play gain -80dBu no record weight (AP test AES17-20Khz) Distortion degree:  0.005%@4dBu 1Khz Sex to noise ratio:  -108dB no memory power Dynamic range:  108dB Frequency response:  20Hz-20 KHZ ±0.5dB Maximum input/output level:  18dBu (6.2Vrms) Balance DCA:  There are English and Chinese interface:  There are Electric faders:  13 Ipad controls:  There are Effector:  2 Effects Feedback suppressor:  16 channel feedback suppressor Output delay:  Output delay 1 second Ethernet:  100M RS-232 protocol:  Support for RS232 protocol WIFI:  150M (optional) USB mouse:  Support Dimensions (width * depth * height):  535x485x205mm Power supply:  AC 100v-240v ; 50/60Hz 55W Net weight:  10.7 kg Gross weight: 14.9 kg Package size: 635 * 580 * 335